Dating a girl with no ambition

  1. Dating a Guy with no Drive or Ambition
  2. How do you date someone with no ambition? - Tiny Buddha
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  4. Women With No Ambition-But Want A Man Who Can Support Them?

It would be different if she was a stay at home mom and doing other traditional womanly duties, but she just wants to shop and waste money.

Dating a Guy with no Drive or Ambition

How do you expect to receive respect when you're holding your hand out for cash when you yourself have no type of ambition whatsoever? I then told her that a woman should always have a plan B to fall back on just incase her "dream man" turned out to be a physically or mentally abusive asshole.

Jordan Peterson - What To Do If I Don't Have Any Goals?

And that there is a high probability of infidelity since he won't respect her. She told me I was mean What I think is mean is chasing after a man just to have money and then lie around like a beach whale with no type of ambition or determination. I think a lot of Asian and White women would prefer this life. But maybe they do realize it? What did you expect? Everything comes with a price. Don't pick a wife based on physical beauty only and don't use a man for his money.

How do you date someone with no ambition? - Tiny Buddha

Jan 24, 4. I think she needs to watch her husband around you. Jan 24, 5. With the divorce rate so high you cannot really rely on men like that anymore. Most men I know want their woman to bring something to the table too. Jan 24, 6. Honestly not every women has the desire to climb up the corporate ladder, some do want to be wives and stay at home moms. I don't see a problem with that, different strokes. I have noticed in other cultures it is not such a taboo to seek out a well off man and live comfortable, it is not frowned upon good example Kate Middleton, Padma Lakshmi. It is not consider gold digging or being lazy but simply being smart.

Hell at least she studied something nursing , so heavens forbid things go wrong she has something to fall back on, she is lucky to have a loving supportive husband. That's the advantage of being properly selective of a good partner and a provider. I don't see a problem with that at all. Jan 24, 7. Let me tell you, I wish mine did make enough money for me to live comfortably and work when the hell I want and how I want. My ambition is to be healthy, a humble person, an inspiration, and constant: And yes, I have some commas and periods after my name.

Jan 24, 8. Also, she is stupid for not caring about her future! She should be handling her own retirement funds, like WTF? My mother and grandmother always told me to never buy a house, car, etc. Jan 24, 9. Jan 24, I'm not even going to lie, if I had a rich husband and kids I would not be grinding from She's a nurse too so they have odd ass schedules.

It's not like she is broke living with her mom. She has a whole husband and if he don't care, you shouldn't either If they get divorced and she ends up with nothing, so be it..

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She does have a job. She might be saving her money and using his. They do have ambition lol Their aim is a rich man, not a career I don't see why a woman snagging a big fish bothers women so much. If your goal is a career, than get that.

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Some women really just want to be wives and mothers. I don't consider it lacking ambition, especially if the women is degreed. It's not like she's sitting up collecting assistance and popping out babies. Now that's lacking ambition lol. At least this girl is a nurse. She didnt even show up for the tests. And he wondering why she still working at boost mobile.

Women With No Ambition-But Want A Man Who Can Support Them?

But the fact that she basically decided to not advance her career just because ''sometime'' in the future she'll have kids makes no damn sense to me. Hey I want kids too. Plus I ain't paid all this damn money for a college education just to use it as a backup.

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  • I'm gonna make this shit pay for itself. Sounds good to me for real. Do I feel excited around him? Does he have his life at least somewhat together? What we can control, however, is how much work and passion we put into our goals. Here is the trouble with dating someone less ambitious than yourself. You like sharing ideas and making connections!

    Who knows what a new friend may bring. You never know what may inspire you, so you look for inspiration everywhere. Unambitious people usually like to stick to what they know and may not be as curious as you are. You go to after-work events and drinks to keep building that network. If you go home early, you feel angry at your partner for making you do that and, once again, are not mentally present.

    What do people talk about at the end of the day? People who are not passionate about their personal goals are, typically, just not very passionate.

    If you are working hard towards your goals, and you have big goals, you can think like that. Something that used to be fun—daydreaming about a better life—is now something you feel bad about. Your partner may even make you believe you are ungrateful for what you have, just for wanting more. You may end up feeling guilty about being so ambitious.