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While we hope you find this series of articles about home inspection helpful, they should not be considered an alternative to an actual home inspection by a local inspector. Also, construction standards vary in different parts of the country and it is possible that important issues related to your area may not be covered here. More blog posts about heating and air conditioning: Nicholas Harris Can you tell me the date this unit was made?

Carrier Model fu4cnnf Serial x Thank you naharris36 yahoo. Rating York makeup air unit details NEW by: Anonymous I am trying to find the details about York makeup air unit and is this unit capable of cooling, if yes how many tons, model dmn15p4aaa4a.

Detroit Michigan Dating Furnaces, Heater and Water Boiler Inspections

Anonymous I'm trying to figure out whether or not I got scammed on a recent installation of an ac unit. It's a York, serial number 14E last digit may be S, instead of 5. Rating warranty NEW by: Rating model NEW by: Rating york system NEW by: Anonymous what tonnage is this York system model n2ahd14a06a. Anonymous Need wiring diagram for York serial John I have a commercial roof top unit that was manufactured July of What ton unit is it?

Yearly Sun Graph for York Furnace

Anonymous my unit is at least years old its a 3ton 11seers I need to know if it has starting capacitor or running capacitor. Need diagram, please help. Rating York heat pump NEW by: Anonymous specs on model SSG Rating old rtu fan performance NEW by: Anonymous I have an old York rooftop unit that I need to know the capacities and options. I'm trying to figure out what is the S. I was told the unit is not large enough to service my house which is sq. Rating chilled water air handlers NEW by: Rating York Condensing Unit.

Can someone indicate where I can find the following. Anonymous I need specs on the following unit: Rating York package units NEW by: Anonymous I need specs.

A York package unit model d6cgnb. Rating tonnage 4 model? Anonymous What size is Model e1rds06a. I don't know serial.

York furnace malfunctioning

What are the years of mfr for this unit? Also where can I find a cross-reference table that would give me a comparable current Model either York or other mfrs? Rating Canadian models NEW by: Bernie The CSA sticker serial does not seem to follow this format. Very close to these but not on the exact line I see J My best guess is that this would mean October as manufacture date.

Came someone confirm this? Rating Size of unit tons NEW by: Anonymous Model dhn20pzjaa3a York unit. Rating dates NEW by: Anonymous I am looking for the dates off of two serial numbers 1. Rating Please help NEW by: Anonymous What kind of York is this? Rating york unit size? Anonymous does anyone know how much this unit weighs? Rating Need tonnage and age by: Anonymous they told you how to find serial but not a thing about model s and most part stores what apart or model?

Rating in response by: Rating age, tonage and relibility by: John Brewer would like to find out the age of my unite I just purched.

Amana (A member of the Goodman family of furnaces)

I would like to install it my house if the tonnage is big enough your help would be app. Anonymous Came in very useful. Rating info requested by: Anonymous yes people and TECHS cannot always guess the age of the units, if they are well maintained. I speak to techs a day and they have been off on the years anywhere from 1 to 15 years variance on both sides.

Rating looking for model number info to get tonnage and seer by: Rating Chris and Claudia by: Anonymous Pull the old capacitor and look at it there will be a number probably a 5, 7. Anonymous Really- You people cant guestimate whether your unit was manufactured in or ? Rating York AHU by: I am trying to find the tonnage of this unit. It is a chilled water type. Mainly tonnage and size reurn should be.

I live in the AZ unit is in Mexico. Where can I purchase a compressor? Rating I will not buy a York product by: Anonymous Customers should not have to try to figured out Models or serial numbers on equiptment that they buy to be able to buy parts or do service maintenance on their equiptment.

All equiptment sold has the right serial and model numbers easy to find and to use for whatever they need to use it.

I can not even find a Manual for my Furnance becacuse every where that I try to find information I am told that it can not be found. We came home to the condo with a odor of wires burning and the unit would not turn on. Would any know how we figure our the correct capacitor to purchase and where to get one.

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Rating raeding the serial number by: David What does the S mean before the serial number? Anonymous my york serial no. Rating York Air Handler Model by: Scott L I have a very old York system. Rating Work kW cooling or tonnage by: Can anyone tell me what year this was manufactured. Our repairman said that the unit is "fried.

Looking for tonnage and particulars for: Rating york chiller by: Anonymous where can i find literature for a MN: Anonymous I'm trying to find the specifications of my unit. Rating Condensor Problem by: This is my complete system installed new back in All the electrical wiring is good and tests good nothing corroded or loose. What else should I check? What could the problem be? Also I noticed with the condensor unit breaker off and the thermostat on I hear a buzzzing not sure if its from the compressor or capacitor any help is appreciated last I checked I had liquid line pressure at psig, saturation tempature for measured pressure is 59 degrees, liquid line tempature is 70 deg running RA.

Outdoor dry bulb52 deg. Rating Heat Pump Unit? Anonymous I need to know the tonage of this unit. Anonymous its a 4 ton 48 in model numer refers to tonnage its based on btu equals 1 ton of cooling. Anonymous i have a york heat pump split about Rating can deterine if unit has heat pump, btu,power ,can not read serial numbers for information, model ; hidbs06a, serial ecem, please help with any important information, thanks by: Anonymous need to know how many tons york model number is CHPA I have a york and don't even know how many tons and york manufacturer will not tell you anything if they wanted to sell me a number unit they would answer my questions.

Dating york furnaces. The Hour of the Furnaces - Wikipedia

It says capacity RT How many tons is this model? Rating Heat Pump Model by: Dadan If the indoor and the outdoor unit is the same brand, you could use the indoor unit model number and call the manufacture to determined the model number of the outdoor unit. Rating can't find model by: Anonymous i have a central air unit that was put in 6 years ago. My serial gives a manuf. Also, how do I know what size the unit is?

Rating york question by: Rating Warranty information by: Anonymous I have a York Hvac unit. I am trying to find out what my warranty is.

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