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The Punjabi language is in fact the fourth most spoken language in Canada after English, French and Chinese. Edmonton, Calgary and Montreal are among other cities which have growing communities of Indo-Canadians and Punjabis in particular.

Punjabi dating in Canada is the result of complex processes of cultural preservation, exposure to mainstream Canadian way of life as well as independent choices. One of the most definitive characteristics of dating in the community is a strong preference for partners of similar cultural and religious identity. This effectively means that Hindu Punjabis, Sikhs or Pakistani Punjabis would like to date within their own community and rarely venture into relationships with members of other ethnicities or religions. This is because in the face of dominant white Canadian culture, minority ethnic groups feel obliged to hold on to their traditions and one way to do this is to refrain from dating or at least marrying outside the community.

However migration has a way of mixing up identities too since in a foreign land, the difference between a Sikh from India or Pakistan begins to matter less than their adherence to the same religion.

Sikh Dating Sites: Find Your Match at EliteSingles! | EliteSingles

Moreover with increasing exposure to other ethnic groups like Canadians of French, African or Chinese origin, the young generation is more open to forging new bonds and striking new friendships. Yet another feature of Punjabi dating in Canada is the hangover of the tradition of arranged marriage. Like other communities from the Indian subcontinent and indeed many parts of Asia, marriages are traditionally arranged by families according to various considerations of religion, community, economic status and caste.

While the practice has undergone widespread modifications in recent times in order to accommodate personal choice and compatibility of partners, it still exercises its influence as the active role played by families in the choice of a life partner.

In Canada, like in Indian urban upper class societies, Punjabi families have become more receptive towards the trend of dating in so far as it is a part of a healthy social life. However where serious dating is concerned, young members of the Punjabi community still feel the pressure of conforming to traditional values.

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In order to find a middle path between ancient traditions and modern expectations, elders among the Punjabi community in Canada regularly organize cultural events on religious occasions and festivals. These get-togethers also make ideal venues for the young people seeking potential dating partners in the community while families are assured of cultural and religious similarity, no matter who their children choose.

Various Punjabi groups in Canada like the Punjabi Association of Quebec or the Punjabi Arts Association of Toronto also play an important role in bringing together the members of the community by organizing cultural events, music concerts or religious celebrations.

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While the young Punjabi crowd may not be averse to dating from their own community, finding suitable partners in a country where they are a minority group does pose practical problems. Time is the most valuable thing we possess, and every moment you spend shrugging and quietly hoping that today is the day you finally bump into your beautiful stranger at your supermarket is another day wasted you could have spent in the company of that special someone.

Punjabi dating vancouver

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Indian dating in Canada: find a long-term partner your way

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